Send your kids to college,

with confidence!

As parents, we want the absolute best for our children!

We have taken care of them… guided them… and now they are on their own!

How will they take care of themselves?

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Mom of 2, wife, health advocate & and business owner.

I remember the exact feelings I had when we dropped our son off to college, for the first time: worry if he would do well and have I done enough, anxious and missing him, proud…. but, above all, I had peace knowing that I did all that I could to prepare him for this big step in his life!

Father of 2, business owner & husband to Lori!

I also remember dropping our son off at college, and I remember feeling sad and missing our daily conversations… this was a big step and he would be in charge of managing whatever came his way in life!

I know we had talked about many life things but giving him the knowledge and tools to take care of his health and be confident made me feel good!

Men just don’t talk about it but it’s on our mind, so this helps.

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