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A collection of tools to help your kids thrive (& not just survive!) in college.

After surviving our own kids “college drop offs”, Joe and I wanted to make this transition smooth for ALL parents who are sending kids to college, this year! 

And help you Do It Right!

Based on our experience, we created the

College Survival Kit

A collection of tools to help your kids thrive (& not just survive!) in college.

You deserve peace of mind…

…and is it is 100% natural!

We’re so confident that you & your kids will love the collection!

To ensure that everyone knows exactly how to use each Essential Oil that’s included, we are offering a free 30-minute phone call to anyone who purchases PLUS a downloadable resource that shows your kids many different ways that they can use each oil!

PLUS, you get a small e-book that shows your kids EXACTLY how they can use each oil!

What’s inside will give you total peace of mind?

the collection includes…


Essential Oils

  • Balance to help reduce stress, anxious feelings to ace that test.
  • Lavender to help them relax, sleep, great for skin irritations, allergies and so much more.
  • Melaleuca aka Tea Tree is perfect for acne, cuts, scrapes or skin imperfection.
  • OnGuard boosts the immune system and that is needed in the college dorms for sure.
  • Aromatouch is calming to the muscles & reduces soreness in the body.
  • Deep Blue helps relieve muscular tension and soothes tight muscles, used by pro athletes.
  • Wild Orange is uplifting and increases concentration and makes the room smell awesome.
  • Peppermint soothes an upset stomach, helps with headaches, smelly shoes, and more.
  • OnGuard+ Softgels are perfect for prevention of illness & easy to take at first sign of sickness.
  • Oregano Touch pairs well with OnGuard in prevention of illness & at first sign of infection.

Bonus Items

  • 30 minute Live Video Session with Lori
  • Oil Use Guide for Parents
  • Essential Oil Cheat Sheet for your kid

essential oil diffuser

This collection contains an essential oil diffuser (which helps to purify the air) and also a variety of pure essential oils that your kids can use anytime, for any health & wellness concern.

I remember my mom giving me oils and a diffuser when I went to school. I really did not pay too much attention to it. Then my friends and I signed up for a gaming conference out of town and we were super excited about it. About two days before the conference, I felt it, that heaviness in my chest was coming on, and I knew what it was. I remember mom always telling me what to do so I called her right away. I cranked up my diffuser and used my oils for the next two days and all my symptoms went away. I was so happy that I was able to go to the gaming conference and this really was a turning point for me. I started using my diffuser and my oils regularly and I have not stopped. Love you mom!”

– Adam H

What a blessing these oils have been for our family! Sending dōTERRA with my kids to college was just another way to keep them healthy and happy. They used OnGuard for immune support and germ control, Wild Orange with Peppermint for studying and Lavender with Breathe for a restful sleep. Sorry Moms, there’s not an oil to make them call home.

Dawn D.

(College Mom)

( Just Example )

You deserve peace of mind…

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