The time flew by. Everybody said it would, but somehow it didn’t seem true.

It was so easy to get lost in the sleepless nights, dirty diapers, endless sporting events and days where you felt more like an Uber driver than a mother.

But it did. The kids got older before you knew it and now they’re onto new adventures.

What are you going to do with yourself?

If you’re like many empty nesters, you might not have any idea. You might feel a little lost, aimless. I know – I’ve been there.

Both of my children are in college now and I cherish those times when we get to be together.

Thankfully, I’m living my own life fully between those times. And I want to offer you encouragment today – you can, too. I belive you can not only survive as an empty nester – you can thrive.

Here are a few things you can do to make this transition easier:

Make plans for your new free time

It’s tempting to stay inside all day, cycling between deep-cleaning the house and binge-watching Netflix. Resist the urge! (Well, I suppose every once in a while is fine.)

Make plans to get out and take advantage of your new free time. Take up a new hobby. Have drinks with your girlfriends. Go on spontaneous dates with your husband. Enjoy yourself.

Don’t fill up all your time

Once you gain momentum, it’s easy to fill your new time up too much. Reserve time each day for self-care so you make sure you’re taken care of and not getting burned out.

This is the perfect time to exercise, take a bath, sip a cup of tea or do whatever fills your soul.

Have a support system

Becoming an empty nester is a lot like becoming a mom for the first time. You need support. Now, you don’t necessarily need someone to make you meals, but sharing meals with a friend is very helpful.

This is the time to lean into your support system.

And if you don’t have one, it’s time to find one. Reach out to other women who you’ve noticed have handled the transition very well and connect with them.

Live with purpose

One of the most helpful things for me in my transition was having a way to feel fulfilled and like I was living on purpose. For me, that’s working in my business where I teach people how to create a positive mindset and live a healthier life.

The success stories motivate me to reach more people and the connection with other women has been a huge blessing.

What does living on purpose look like to you?

Learn easy ways to manage stress

It’s inevitable. Empty nesters face special stresses that many people don’t – kids are leaving the house as older parents need care. Often retirement is near. New health issues arise. It’s a time of big life transitions that are especially hard on women. And it takes a while to adjust.

Psychologists suggest that it can take between 18 months and two years to feel right again. So don’t ignore the stress you feel. It’s known as the “silent killer” and is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, liver cirrhosis, and suicide. Not to mention, stress impacts your blood sugar levels which affects your moods and metabolism, and affects your creativity and intuition which you need in order to listen to and follow your heart’s guidance and purpose for the next phase of your life. (Source)

While we hear a lot about the stress, there’s not so much out there that helps you deal with the stress. Well, not much that isn’t overwhelming and stressful in itself.

That’s why I put together a quick guide with my 3 favorite ways to manage stress easily. They take very little time out of your day and, most importantly, they work.

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