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Be Brave, Not Perfect

A step-by-step guide designed to help you re-engage and up-level your MLM team!

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The results were Amazing!

🔥 1,800 engaging comments on our team challenge FB posts
🔥 51 team members who hit 100% participation
🔥 Over 100 team members hit 95+% participation
🔥 Multiple people ranked-up during the program
🔥 Many qualified for our company’s Leadership Club
🔥 Lots of exciting top leader promotions!
🔥 Re-energized team members who LOVED the challenge
🔥 Momentum continued for 3-5 months after it was done!

Why Be Brave, Not Perfect?

Network Marketing Leaders, this is FOR YOU!

After being in the industry 20 years, I know how hard it is to come up with a team incentive that works…so they are inspired and feel empowered to take action that grows their business in a PEACEFUL way.

So I ran a little experiment! I ran the BE BRAVE, NOT PERFECT CHALLENGE.

What happened amazed me and it can happen for your team too!

🔥 1,800 comments on our company challenge FB post
🔥 200 commitment forms
🔥 51 participants who hit 100% participation
🔥 Over 100 hit 95% or higher participation
🔥 Multiple people were able to rank-up during the program
🔥 Many were able to qualify for our company’s Leadership Club
🔥 Lots of exciting top leader promotions!
🔥 Re-energized team members who LOVED the challenge
🔥 Momentum continued for 3-5 months after it was done!
My team STILL talks about their Be Brave wins. Results like these are priceless and it kept going for months after the program.

Purchase my Be Brave, Not Perfect Direct Sales Team Challenge and watch your team participation skyrocket, boost enrollments, and promotions on your team! Don’t continue worrying why no one is working – get them motivated now!

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What does it mean to be brave, not perfect?

Breakthrough is always on the other side of being brave. It’s not on the other side of perfection. Perfection is actually what keeps you from being brave.

Think about it.

What is hindering your business goals right now?List them out.

At least 90% of them require bravery. They require consistency.

  ❌  So why would you run another team challenge that focuses on skillsets?!
  ❌  Another boring presentation on how to sell?
  ❌  Why would you waste your time making your team try to be more perfect when that is their greatest hurdle right now?!

Remember the definition of crazy…. ??

🧡 Focus on what your team needs:

Bravery and Consistency!

I have spent TWENTY YEARS in network marketing. And this team challenge has been the absolute best push my team needed and had SO much fun doing!  The results last long after the challenge is done.  It has become a mantra for us, Be Brave…Not Perfect!

This program was so successful, I decided to write about it in the book I co-authored with Rob Sperry… 6 FIGURES AND BEYOND. Some of you have read it and if not you can get it at a discount when you order.

I suggest purchasing both. The book covers everything from mindset ideas to skills you need to support your direct sales team. My offer for the Be Brave Not Perfect Challenge is the fully fleshed out guide so you can easily implement for your team right now! 🧡

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See what my team said about the challenge!

“Absolutely LOVED the community it created and knowing we would touch base each week! Thank you!”

“Amazing! So much growth and development of myself and my team.”

“My overall experience was wonderful. I learned so much from everyone and I gained so much knowledge. I even advanced one rank.”

“This group helps me get my head together and keep it there. Very helpful in keeping mindset in the forefront for me.”

“Helped to step out of my comfort zone and do a video”

“Still today when I feel the fear rising, I just say to myself Be Brave Not Perfect and I just do it.”

“It was very beneficial. The book we read was motivating and the support was encouraging.”


Who is Lori Hayes?

I’m a mindset coach for direct sales leaders.

I’m a Proctor Gallagher Consultant, Jack Canfield Coach, and John Maxwell Trainer. I went from broke and hopeless to being a top 1% earner at 2 businesses with a team over 30,000 spanning 30 countries. I have coached thousands of people to be successful in their business.

More than that, I live in complete peace, more than I ever imagined was possible.

I’m here to show you it IS possible. And I’m here to be your abundance mindset guide in 2022.

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