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I’m SO ready for city living!

I used to be the poster child for traditional living. Traditional décor, traditional values, traditional and conservative relationships. That was me. Since starting my business, though, so much about me has changed. The way I dream has even changed!

If you’ve been following me, you know that we are embarking on a new adventure – living in the city.

We’re leaving our suburban home to live in a high-rise in Midtown Atlanta! I’m SO excited to say that we now OWN a condo in the city! What? Hadn’t we planned on renting! Yes, we were being super conservative and really wanted to rent for a year to make sure we liked living there. But, the opportunity was in front of us to own a beautiful place and we decided to go for it!

Every single time we are in Midtown, we love it, so why wouldn’t we love living there? A few years ago we would have never done this. But now I follow my gut and my dreams. It’s a new way of living that I LOVE!

So now we own a condo right on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, surrounded by restaurants, shops, theaters, parks, and more. All within walking distance!

The condo needs a little facelift so we are replacing hardwood floors and remodeling the kitchen. No more traditional décor! We’re going with Contemporary/Industrial. We have concrete ceilings, posts, and some walls. Floor to ceiling windows everywhere! Two of the walls in our bedroom are those amazing windows!

What I’m learning about myself is that as I grow personally, so much more seems to change. I’ve opened myself up to so many new ideas. To the idea that we can create our life. That by thinking differently, we can live differently. That we can live in a place filled with peace, joy, and love.

And now here we are, selling a lot of our belongings and picking out décor that is very different from what we’ve always had. It’s been SO much fun! Every time I go, I’m giddy with excitement. Even as we’re in the process of selling our home, I know that everything will work out perfectly.

Start opening yourself up to new experiences.  I watched a webinar a few years ago by Dr. Wayne Dyer (it was originally recorded about 8 years ago) and he said something that stuck with me and I say it often: “Change your Thoughts, Change your World.”

It is so true! Get out of your rut, change your thoughts, and over time, you’ll witness so many amazing things! It all starts with what is going on in your head.

We carry so many false beliefs.

The realization that there was more out there came through my business. When I realized that there were other ways out there to take care of myself.

We all have to start somewhere … just get started! You may look back a few years from now and be SO grateful you took the leap to make some key changes in your life and in your thoughts.

Start now!

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