Let’s talk about perspective. 

This is something I’ve learned so much about in the last several years. I’m going to give you a great example of what it looks like to change your perspective and see things a little bit differently.

Perspective is the lens through which you view the world.

Your lens that you see the world through was given to you between the ages of zero and three.

Your experiences through life absolutely help shape your lens. But the vast majority of your lens was created when you were a baby/toddler. Let that sink in a minute.

That lens progressed through your life and created so much of the way you see the world and your circumstances.

The good news is, you can always change your lens.

When we understand this concept and become open to seeing things a little more differently, our perspective can change. We begin to look at the world differently.

Here’s a great example:

Let’s say I hold up a book and tell you that the cover has no words on it. Do you agree with that?

Now, you’re looking at the front cover of this book and thinking I’m crazy. It absolutely does have words.

But. It’s all in the way you’re looking at things.

Because if I flip the book around and show you my view of the cover, which is the back, you will see that there are no words.

From my perspective, the cover is blank. I’m looking at it from a different angle – from a completely different perspective.

The cool thing is, we are absolutely both right.

 This is a powerful concept. Once you become aware of it, you begin to navigate your world with an open mind vs. a closed mind.

Someone with a closed mind sees things only one way and to them, that is the only right way.

A person with an open mind looks at things a little differently. They’re willing to put themselves in someone else’s shoes to get another point of view. It doesn’t mean you always have to agree on it, but you do it because you realize you might be missing out on some really cool things if you’re not willing to be open.

Think about some situations in your life where you looked at things one way and then were introduced to someone else’s perspective and opened your mind to it and all of a sudden, you shifted and saw things another way.

Practicing gratitude actually does this.

As you start to focus on what you’re grateful for, your mind opens up and asks what else you can be grateful for. You suddenly see so many different things to be grateful for that you weren’t even aware of because now you are actively looking for them.

Then, when you encounter others who aren’t living from a place of gratitude, you’ll automatically start seeing things differently than they do and it will be hard not to say something.

You’ve changed your lens.

Now, when you go to the store, for instance, instead of seeing all the negative, grouchy people, you now see all the smiling, happy people. Same store, but different lens because you are looking for the positive.

It’s how two people can listen to the same speaker and come away with two different opinions. One sees the beauty in what they’re speaking, while the other focuses on the mistakes.

There are different ways to look at things.

The perspective you have impacts your thoughts. And it impacts your actions, which ultimately impacts the results you get. So if you’re not getting the results you want in life, maybe it’s time to look at things differently. 

Change your lens, change your life.

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