Do you have time blocks?

Is time something you wish you had more of in your day? Do you find yourself constantly saying, “I don’t have enough time in the day.” Do you not have enough time to do the basics of your business? Or do you, but you don’t have time to enjoy life outside of work?

There are so many ways that time affects us.

Do you complain that you cannot possibly do self-care because you just don’t have enough time?

Do you find the people around you have the same issues with time? Do you all commiserate on your lack of time?

As a coach, I often hear things like, “I can’t work my business because I don’t have the time.”

“I can’t make the calls because I’m too busy.”

“I can’t take the course because I don’t have enough time to watch the videos.”

But the truth is we all have the same amount of time every day.

Here’s the reality about time that struck a chord the first time I heard it:

You cannot make time. You cannot create time. You can only dedicate time.

Dedicate time.

When I first heard that, I thought, “How am I dedicating my time?”

I have it. You have it. The busiest person you know who gets things done has it. Billionaires have it. Twenty-four hours every single day.

So why do some people struggle with not having enough time?

Poor time management

Sometimes I’ll talk to people who have a full time job and a side hustle. All of a sudden the side hustle makes more money than the full time job so they quit. This is where I swoop in and have conversations with them because often, with an abundance of time, they get less things done.

You want to do business with busy people – often they can manage their time better. Sometimes busy people lose track of their time, though, and can’t do things that will take them to the next level.

No purpose

Some people have no purpose in business or life and no big picture of their goals. It’s hard to properly allocate time if you don’t have purpose.

No desire

This comes from lack of purpose. Make sure you have a purpose that goes along with your goals.


Fear of failure, fear of commitment. Fear keeps them from managing their time well.

Unconsciously speaking it

How often through your day do you mention time in a negative way? You might not do that at all. But I used to be that person. What you speak is what you create and I realized what I was saying was so negative and shouldn’t speak those words. I became aware and stopped saying them.

Pay attention to any negative thing you say about time throughout the day.

How do you start to change this?

Decide that you want to change it

This is the most important thing. Any top leader makes decisions very quickly and is very slow to change them. So making the decision is huge.

Rearrange your schedule

Document for a week everything you do. It’s kind of a pain but it is so eye-opening how much time gets wasted on things you might not even care about so you can see where you’re spending your time. If TV is a big thing for you, think about how much time you spend watching TV (I limit myself to two hours at night and 30 minutes at lunch). Some of the people I know who complain the most about having no time, are also complaining about running out of things to binge watch on Netflix.

Say no to something else that doesn’t fit with your goals

As women, we’re really good at saying yes, even when we don’t want to. Have boundaries around your time. It’s okay to say no. One of the biggest things I did when I was building my business during a very tumultuous personal time period, was say no to lots of things. I would not have had the mental capacity to run my business otherwise. I couldn’t be on every committee. I said no to things that weren’t important to me so I could say yes to my priorities.

Choose your response

I’m a certified success coach with Jack Canfield and he has this foundational equation that he teaches:


Event + Response to event = Outcome

Most people (95%) blame the event rather than realizing that it’s the response to the event that generates your outcome and circumstances. This is the lens in which you see the world. So, what can you do about that?

You have to start to choose.

For every person who doesn’t believe they can achieve their goals in the time they have allotted every day, there are hundreds of thousands of people who have done just that. It can be done.

It’s just a choice.

Speak these words

Remember, the words you speak, paired with emotion that you have attached with those words is what creates your reality. If you’re angry and frustrated and feeling high emotion about what you say, that’s what you’re going to be creating more of.

Instead of saying, “I didn’t have enough time to make my follow up calls,” maybe say, “making follow up calls is not a priority for me.”

Speak the truth. Own it. Because we make time for things that are a priority.

Other great time statements:

  • “I have an awesome relationship with time.”
  • “Time is always on my side.”
  • “I have plenty of time to get things done that are important to my goals.”
  • “I have time leftover so that I can do the self-care that uplevels my energy, my health and my life.”

How does that feel?

It will take time. It took time to get in the position you’re in. You probably can’t change it overnight, but you can look at your commitments and decide if they’re moving you toward your purpose and goals or away.

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