It’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone on our move. To recap – we massively downsized from a beautiful suburban home about 50 minutes outside of Atlanta to a chic and fun condo right in the middle of Midtown Atlanta and we LOVE it!

Now, to be perfectly honest … purging SO much was both liberating and stressful. It was so much at one time. I highly recommend that if you plan on moving or downsizing, start cleaning out NOW.

We had to do it all in a few months and that was much more difficult. You have no idea how much stuff you have until you start going through every nook and cranny in your home.

We found things we hadn’t set our eyes on in 15 years! Out they went to the garbage, non-profit organizations, and on Facebook to sell.

We did do one garage sale but I’ll be honest, the amount of effort a garage sale takes just isn’t worth the money you get. I’d much rather either sell to friends or give the items to someone that needs them. It feels good to give back!

We’ve now lived in our condo for two months. We absolutely LOVE it! We walk everywhere! If we decide we want to go grab a bite to eat, we have about 100 choices within a 10-minute walk.


Our eye doctor is in our building, our dentist is a 10-minute walk and Piedmont Park is just a 15-minute walk for us. So much to do all the time and NO yard work!

Our view

Our view

People often ask us if moving at this particular time was a good choice and the answer is absolutely yes!

It was a bit crazy and stressful this summer but it was worth it. We were moving, remodeling our condo, and trying to spend as much time with our daughter who was heading to college. That was a lot to juggle.

Kitchen almost done...just waiting for door handles.

Kitchen almost done…just waiting for door handles.

But, I would do it all over again if given the choice. We sent our youngest to college and came home to a place that was still new and fun. We didn’t go back to our large home that I just know would seem very empty and quiet with no kids there.

We had adventures right in front of us, which made the transition much easier. Easier for us and easier for our kids.

They are wonderful, independent, and responsible kids. We see them thrive in their new environments and honestly, we feel so much pride. WE prepared them well. I don’t mourn their leaving (although I miss them fiercely). I feel excited for their future.

And, when they do come home, we don’t take it for granted. We enjoy the time with them so much. We are intentional about really being present when they are here and because we do that, they do that as well.

I’m forever grateful for my network marketing business. For a business that has allowed me the income to make my dreams become reality. For a business that allows me the flexibility to do what I love wherever I want to do it. For a business that supports me physically and emotionally through transitions.

I sure did use my oils during all of this! I’ll be sharing more in the coming months about this so stay tuned!

Bottom line, if you prepare, becoming an empty nester can be a beautiful time in your life.

Embrace the change and opportunity!

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