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What makes you special and unique? That’s your boldness. It’s what we are meant to share with the world, confidently. Unfortunately, we sometimes lose our boldness, whether through being shamed by others, bullied, or going through a traumatic event.

Those incidents can actually change the neuropathways in our brains and diminish our boldness.

Over the years, I have been able to create a life of joy, confidence, and yes, boldness, even after losing it for a time.

Today I would love to share my #1 tip with you that allowed me to do that. It can all be summed up with one word:


A few years ago, I heard Tony Robbins say that you can be angry or negative or in a gratitude mindset, but you can’t be both. I am so thankful that I heard his advice because it was life-changing.

It was then that I began practicing gratitude every day and I am truly blessed and amazed at what it has done in my life. The joy and abundance I experience now on a daily basis is something I wish for everyone to have.

I encourage you to begin practicing gratitude to see what it does in your own life. Here are six tips for making this part of your everyday life:

1. Gratitude journal

Pick 10 things you are grateful for each day and put them in a journal for 30 days. Don’t duplicate anything! If it’s too hard, start with five.

I learned to be grateful for all kinds of things, like the sun and getting green lights all the way to the post office. They can be simple things – how awesome is it to be grateful for even the simplest things in life?

2. Make a public announcement

Let people know you’re working on a gratitude mindset and ask them to help you be accountable. Post things you’re grateful for on Facebook or Instagram. People will be inspired and want to join you and help you stay accountable.

3. Thank God throughout the day

This really becomes a wonderful habit. Often, throughout the day, I thank God for little blessings. It’s as simple as saying, “Thank you for ______.” Or, “I’m so grateful to be in this amazing space today.”

4. Reframe negative situations

We all encounter negative situations in life and how you respond to them is huge.

Let’s take a look at it from a business perspective: If you have a canceled class, instead of being down and negative, say, “You know what, that’s okay. This will be a learning situation and I’ll invite differently next time and now I’m super grateful that I get to do follow-ups or personal development tonight instead.”

Be grateful that it wasn’t any worse. It’s amazing how things just work out when we’re in a place of gratitude.

5. Look for the good in people

How often do we pick people apart and focus on the negative? Instead, try looking for the good in people AND telling them what you see. It can be life-changing for you and the people you encounter.

Simply telling someone, “I am so grateful for you,” can make their whole day. And you will feel pretty great, too.

6. Say a prayer of thanksgiving

Last but not least, start your day with a prayer of thanksgiving. It’s as simple as saying, “dear God, thank you so much for the blessings of yesterday and thank you for the abundance that’s coming today and the people that you will put in my life.” Or,  “thank you for the peace and joy I feel today.”

Try this before you go to bed as well. You cannot have too much gratitude.

You’ll begin to change your neural pathways to a mindset of gratitude and feel more confident. Your boldness will start to come back through this process. It starts with gratitude.

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