I did a video recently on the Victim Mindset (link to video) and today I want to share about the next step in the journey: the Overcomer Mindset. I actually spent years in the Overcomer Mindset and didn’t even realize it.

We all fall into the victim mindset every so often. Especially as we start to uplevel. There’s always resistance. This is so important to understand. People start to move forward and they get excited and get good results, then all of a sudden, things happen. They start taking it internally and move back into the victim mindset again for a little while.

And it’s totally okay and normal for this to happen.

As you practice these things and become aware you can say, “Hey, I know I’m in a victim mindset right now.”

Once you’re aware of it, you can make changes to move out of it faster. I used to spend weeks in a victim mindset and over time, I moved to a few days. Now,most of the time, I’m only there for a few hours. My goal is to get it down to a few minutes. But we’re all a work in progress and certain things will trigger us more than others .

And it’s so important not to judge other people or ourselves and just become aware.

So let’s talk about the Overcomer Mindset.

There are lots and lots and lots of overcomers out there. People who have moved out of Victim Mindset but aren’t quite to the Warrior Mindset. These overcomers are going to see more success in their life than the victims.

However, they’re going to feel stuck, like they’ve hit a ceiling they can’t seem to get past.

Several years ago, I was stuck here. I couldn’t move past where I was and I came to realize once I started learning about it, that I was in the overcoming phase.

We want to celebrate the overcomers because it takes a lot of dedication and open mindedness to move into this phase.

What does someone with an Overcomer Mindset look like?

  • Overcomer’s are typically in a leadership type role because they can adapt to many situations.
  • Overall have a positive attitude but super careful to not show what they’re not good at. They want to hold onto perfectionism.
  • Typically still very insecure and will go to great lengths to hide the weaknesses they’re dealing with.
  • Compare a lot to other people and haven’t worked on their self image so much and feel threatened by other people.
  • Believes there are forces out there greater than them – they typically have a deep faith.
  • Love and serve the people around them.
  • Will rarely ever ask for help.
  • These are the people that you can’t quite figure out why they’re not as successful as they should be. (If you lead a team, you may have some people like this on your team.)
  • They have so many fears and are trying to keep up appearances but don’t take action because they’re afraid of not doing it right

It’s beautiful to get to this place, but what took me years to realize is that this is what it is and there’s still more work to do to move beyond it. But it’s all inside work. Mind, heart, spirit.

Frankly, this is an exhausting place to live. I’ve lived in that space for many years. I’ve done a lot of work to move out of that space. And it’s exciting to move out of that space.

But you’ve got to go through the overcomer phase to move into the warrior phase. It’s just another part of the process.

You need to give yourself grace and know that you’ll slide backward before you move forward again. The less judgmental you are about the process, the faster this will all happen.

What do you feel is the number one thing that’s keeping you from moving forward?

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