A few years ago, I watched a webinar by Dr. Wayne Dyer and he said something that stuck with me that I say it often: “Change your Thoughts, Change your World.”

It is so true! I’ve seen in my own life just how powerful it is to change your thoughts. Over time, you’ll witness so many amazing things!

Because it all starts with your mindset.

We carry so many false beliefs that hold us back, beliefs that often begin as little thoughts. Those thoughts soon shape our mindset, and, before we know it, we’re living that out every day. The great news is, as much as this can put us in a place we don’t like, it can change our lives for the better.

Thankfully, taking steps to change your mindset is fairly simple. It just takes the decision to do so and the commitment to keep moving forward, even if you fall down on occasion.

One great way to get started is with a morning mindset routine. It doesn’t have to be complicated and the practice of beginning your day intentionally will not only set you up for a great day, it can make a great impact on your whole life.

Here are some suggestions for practices to use for a morning mindset routine:


Do you ever find yourself complaining about the way things are going? It’s very easy to do. But there’s a saying that says, “What you think about, you bring about” and it’s so true. So why not focus on the good things in your life and being grateful for them?

When you can be grateful for your life, you’d be surprised at how much better it can get over night because of a shift in mindset. Also, once you begin focusing on the positive, you’ll find more and more positive things happen that you can also be grateful for.


I read an article recently that shared some of the common habits of highly successful people like Oprah and Warren Buffett. One of those habits was reading each morning. Now, it wasn’t just that they read, it’s what they read.

They read books and articles that help them grow personally. They read positive things. They start their mornings with encouragement and inspiration and it carries through the whole day.

Need some suggestions? Here are some excellent reads.

Devotion and Meditation

If you would like to begin your day with a sense of peace, I recommend doing one or both of these things. I personally like to begin my day with a devotion and I’ve recently been introduced to meditation.

Each of these practices is brief but they make a huge impact on the quality of my day. The devotion helps me feel connected spiritually and reminds me that I am not doing this alone. Meditation helps me to breathe and feel centered and grounded.

Essential Oils

Certain essential oils are excellent for feeling uplifted, focused and balanced. I recommend doTERRA’s Balance, Elevation and Motivation blends for your morning mindset routine because they are so helpful. You put it on first thing and can cycle through which one you use each day.

The good thing about this routine? You can always do these things throughout the day if you find yourself struggling with your mindset.

If you find yourself complaining, stop and think of a few things you’re grateful for. If you find yourself sucked into the negative Facebook craziness, find something positive to read. If you find your struggling, use prayer, meditation, or gratitude and when you shift to positivity those negative thoughts have to leave.

Have a great morning!

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