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Are you already anxious about the holiday season?

What if you could stay calm & centered and enjoy the holidays!

Wondering how you are going to hold it together with all the stuff to do, the money, family and relatives…oh the stress! 😱

⭐️ Join me for a free 3-day workshop and learn how to stay peaceful, calm and centered during the holidays so you actually enjoy them. ⭐️

After the workshop you’ll be able to:


Handle all the crazy stuff and your emotions but stay in Peace


Have ways to ease the triggers from people & things that fire you up


Tools to bring back calm when you feel overwhelmed

What You’ll Experience…

I have seen it over and over where I just want to get past the holidays and back to normal life.

But so many great memories come from these special times spent with everyone.

I will show you how to cherish your time at the holidays and build those special memories!

What Others are Saying…

❤️ You have changed my life Lori, For the first time in a long time I really enjoyed my family reunion.

❤️ Even my kids are starting to use the tips and the peace has returned.

❤️ My relationship with my husband is taking off again!

❤️ I have changed my whole view about work. Thank you!


Register for this free workshop with Lori

Dates:  Nov 30 – Dec 2
Lori goes Live @ 1:00 PM ET
Length: 30-40 min each day
(REPLAYs will be Available)

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