Coaching with Lori Hayes is designed specifically for entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level without the hustle!

Whether you need a short deep dive to accelerate your growth or long term coaching to create more abundance, Lori’s program options will help you reach your goals.

success stories

“Beginning the Thinking into Results program with Lori was perfectly timed in my life. I have been through different personal development coaching and self-led programs; I was ready to dive deeper and take control of what really controls my actions – my mindset. I love that it begins with a 24-week study to give me time to form healthy habits for life.”

What happened:
“Our team grew just about 100 new members in that time with many new builders taking action. The best part about this program is not only has my mind shifted, but my faith has deepened, and I am able to pass this along to my kids! Money definitely appeared when we needed it – like for Mike’s car, baby’s birth, and school. I also think I’m able to stop stories in my mind and flip them so much easier. I still have them, but pausing and flipping makes everything better, and usually everything does work out better than I imagined.”

- Christina Garcia-Carreras

“When Lori first approached me about joining the Thinking Into Results program, I was hesitant. Not because I didn’t trust that it would be beneficial, but because I was angry at the world, and I guess I wanted to wallow in it a bit. As a health coach, I’m very aware of the effect the mind can have on health, so – thankfully – I awoke to the fact that my anger wasn’t helping me, and it very likely was going to do long-term damage to my health. I needed desperately to change my attitude, to get my mojo back – and there were things I wanted to accomplish – so I needed to get back on that proverbial horse.

This program was perfect for me. I jumped in with both feet, became faithful to my morning/evening affirmations, watching the videos and listening to the audios, and things started to shift – both in my personal life and in my business. Totally unexpected – a large sum of money came in our lives. I’ve been able to get my enrolling going again, and in June was a top enroller. Surprisingly, several people have volunteered to host classes.

Best of all, I’m a happier person, and am excited now that I have the tools in my toolkit to continue that way! I’ve been working in the direct selling industry for over 50 years, and I can tell you with tremendous confidence – this program is powerful, and it works!”

- Paula Antonini

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