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Exactly three years ago I was just returning home from a mission trip with my church that our entire family attended. That in itself was a miracle.

To give a little context about why that was so significant, let’s jump back about nine months to April, 2012. My dad had died that month, just a few years after my mom’s passing and it was not an easy experience.

We were dealing with people who stole from us, a childhood home that was in terrible shape and filled with 30+ years of things and four years of taxes my dad failed to do. He thought when he died it would just go away. Well, it doesn’t and I was stuck doing them – not only personal taxes but his business taxes as well.

My company was slowing down (ultimately announcing the closing of my division that fall) and mentally, physically, and emotionally I was a complete train wreck.

That’s when my friends at church approached us about this family mission trip. It was a first for our church, a mission trip where the whole family could attend, even younger children. I declined, but my friends didn’t let it go. Throughout the summer and into the fall they kept encouraging me.

In October, something came over me and I just said “Fine, we will commit but we can’t afford to pay one cent, so if God really wants us on that trip, miracles will happen.”

Everyone else had been fundraising all year! We mailed our letters and shared that we were going for it. I’ll be honest, I truly didn’t believe we would be there.

One particular spiritual leader at church who was heading up our mission trip was the most positive person I had ever met. Almost annoyingly so. I was comfortable wallowing in my situation. I’d been on a roller coaster for about seven years at that point and was comfortable there.

But every time I would see her she would smile and say that we would be on that trip! We would pray and she would constantly fill me with positive messages of faith. That I had to believe that God would provide. That it was no coincidence that I felt a nudge to go for it.

Miracle after miracle happened. We were down to the final days and the last check I received was from a dear friend who happened to be my leader in my last business … the one that was closing.

I knew that they were hit hard by the closing so when I opened the envelope and saw the check, I remember just sobbing. I was so overcome with emotion. It was exactly what we needed to go on the trip and it came from someone I would have never expected. God wanted us on that trip!

How to shift to an abundance mentality

I won’t go into all of the details but truly, we saw God’s hand in every single part of that trip and when we came back, I made the conscious decision to change the way we were thinking.

I was going to KNOW that God would provide and I was going to KNOW it before it ever happened. I would speak positively from then on. When I paid the bills, I was thanking God for the abundance He was providing. I spoke out loud about how thankful we were to be financially free; how thankful I was to have an income that would allow us to live out our dreams.

I’ve been told by several that speaking positively isn’t a Christian thing to do, that it’s New Age. Well, I don’t see it that way. I believe God plants seeds of hope in us for a reason. I believe that when we dream, those dreams come to us because they CAN occur. We just have to get out of our own way.

When my spiritual leader at church was speaking positively to me and thanking God for providing the funds for the trip before they were ever there, I didn’t see that as New Age one bit. That was called Faith and she exudes it.

Exactly three months after I changed the way we were thinking, I found my network marketing company and Joe interviewed for a different position in his company.

Both would change our lives.

Did God plant the seed of sharing wellness in you? Do you have dreams that are way bigger than you think possible? Have faith! KNOW that God didn’t plant the seed for no reason.

I believe there are no coincidences … there are only God moments.


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