One of the top things I recommend to my team leaders is regular personal development. We talk about it often. I focus trainings around it. I do book clubs centered around personal development books. Can you tell I’m passionate about this subject? 🙂

Yes, it is important to know the basics of network marketing – things like getting leads, holding events and following up with prospects. These are critical to your business. But without ongoing personal development it is challenging, to say the least, to make the lasting changes you want to see in your life and business. We can only grow in business as much as we grow personally. If you don’t remember anything else, remember that!

Why is personal development so key? It affects your mindset. It gives you the tools you need to get past your blocks. It reminds you that growth is an important part of life – without it, we become stagnant and progress stops. It helps you get even better at the business basics.

That’s why, on my own team, you will hear me talk a lot about personal development and making time to invest in yourself. One of the easiest ways to do this is with books.

While there is a plethora of amazing personal development books available, I wanted to share the top 3 books for business builders I recommend. Each has a wealth of information and have been extremely helpful in my own success. These are books that I have read, re-read and read again. I will only recommend books that I’ve read myself and believe in.

1. Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre

The quintessential book for every person in direct sales. This book is full of wisdom that every network marketer needs to know. You’ll learn to:

  • Find leads
  • Invite them to your product or opportunity
  • Present your product
  • Follow up with your prospects
  • Help prospects become customers or distributors
  • Get them off to the right start

Plus a lot more information that, if you implement it, will create positive growth in your business. We’ve broken this book down and covered a chapter a week as a team. It’s filled with wonderful action steps!

Get the book.

2. Secret Code of Success: 7 Hidden Steps to More Wealth and Happiness by Noah St. John

This book is so amazing and really helps you change your thinking. Not just with daily affirmations – it really gets to the subconscious thoughts that are often what sabotages us. This book made such a difference for me and I love to share it with others!

After reading you will:

  • Eliminate the causes of self-sabotage and fear of success
  • Allow yourself to make more money
  • Remove stress while dramatically increasing personal productivity
  • Improve relationships with coworkers, family, and friends
  • Experience enhanced feelings of happiness, connection, and love

Get the book.

3. Dare to Dream and Work To Win: Understanding Dollars and Sense of Success in Network Marketing by Dr. Tom Barrett

This is an older book that is still super relevant today. It was written specifically for the network marketer and in it, you’ll learn:

  • How wealth is actually created
  • The psychology of personal success
  • How to think and live as an entrepreneur (this is very important as many people treat their network marketing business like a hobby and do not see the results they want)
  • How to succeed in network marketing

Get the book.

I encourage you to check out each of these books and commit time to reading them and, more importantly, putting their suggestions into action. If you actually take ACTION I can promise you, you’ll be pleased with the results.

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