It’s no secret that I love essential oils, and for good reason.

They’re safe, potent and effective. I use them daily to enhance wellness, boost energy.



I show women how to create happier, healthier homes. 
And Now You Can Too!
Today more than ever it’s important to have simple solutions that give you
confidence and peace of mind.
You CAN achieve:

-More control over your health
-Feeling empowered instead of feeling completely lost

The community that I lead not only works with me personally every single day,
but they support each other, so you will never feel alone. There is so much power
in helping ourselves and our loved ones heal right at home. With solutions that
are safe, healthy and extremely affordable. AND to have the support of other
women doing the same thing is invaluable!
And don’t forget about the many other resources I’ll provide!
If you are ready for big positive changes in your life – go ahead and choose the
perfect kit below. Once you’ve joined, watch for an invitation to become a part of
our incredibly supportive VIP online community.

And now, I’m here to help you accomplish the same thing.

There are 2 Main Ways You Can Work With Lori to transform your life.

Change Your Health


The biggest mistakes most people make when they finally decide to “get healthy” or make “healthier habits” and how to avoid them!


Our secrets for living a healthy life and not blowing the budget, or buying products that don’t actually do anything.


How small and simple changes with essential oils and healthy habits can lead to a vibrant life…even if you have spent years tired and in a fog.

Learn to do what I do!


The biggest mistakes most new business owners make and how to avoid them!


Our secrets to connecting to others without feeling awkward. 


Access to my proven system and strategies to earn an income sharing essential oils with others.


Be part of the Creating ōBundance Community.


Real  Testimonials

Lori is simply brilliant! She is experienced, genuine, authentic and walks the talk every day. She has outstanding people skills, and is an excellent communicator. I love the fact that she isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, and coaches me very effectively by asking great questions and offering advice in a professional manner while making sure not to let something pass that needs attention. I have worked in the direct selling industry in leadership roles for 49 years, so have been around the block a time or two; yet I consider Lori the very best leader I could have and very much appreciate her wisdom, humor and effectiveness. She has played a key role in my success.

- Paula Antonini

I have loved working with Lori. She’s exactly who I needed to help me see the ways I wasn’t allowing my team to grow. She guides in a way that is direct and yet self revealing. While working with Lori, we’ve led our team to rank advancement, learned tools to coach our builders to thrive, and set a solid pace towards achieving all that is on our vision board and more. She’s a true coach who challenges me to step into my strengths, own them, and rock them! Blessed to be able to work with her!!

- Christina Garcia-Carreras

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