It’s no secret that I love essential oils, and for good reason.

They’re safe, potent and effective. I use them daily to enhance wellness, boost energy.




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As a wife, mom of two, and running a thriving essential oil business, I understand and know all too well the challenges of keeping the momentum of life moving forward and trying to limit any unforeseen obstacles. The last hurdle we all want is an interruption to our daily routine of taking care of our families by not feeling our best.

Since making the decision to living a life of wellness and incorporating the daily use of essential oils into my life, I’ve never felt more confident in my health. My confidence stemmed from a newfound relaxed feeling, that soothed away unnecessary tension, and I was now able to navigate my busy lifestyle—all the while supporting my immunity.

My brand-new starter kits are designed to help support you with your overall wellness goals. Discover which essential oils kits will aid you with the occasional sleeplessness or help reduce tension and anxious feelings. Or you may be in a current situation that your immune system needs support. Whatever your case, we’ve got the kit for you!

The vicious cycle of being overwhelmed and exhausted are two major contributing factors to weakening your body’s immune system making you vulnerable to any environmental threats that you are exposed too. My natural remedy starter kits are designed to support you and your family in living a balanced life.

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I have created some kits below specifically for you and best of all with your doTERRA membership you will get the same wholesale pricing that I do.

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Nope, you do not have to order monthly – or even order a second time if you do not want to! Our hope is that as a community we educate you and inspire you in a way that you love using your essential oils, and when you want to order more, do it through the loyalty rewards system (the best way but not a requirement).


Nope, this is a Wholesale Customer account for you to purchase doTERRA products at a 25% discount and that’s it. You will have access to monthly specials.


Yes, products can be returned or exchanged, view the doTERRA Returns Policy here.


Yes, you can order and pay then have the products shipped to another address.


Wholesale Customers are those who are interested in using doTERRA products for their health and want to purchase at wholesale pricing. You get a 25% discount, access to loyalty rewards of 10-30% of orders, and the monthly specials.


Wellness Advocates are those who want to create an income through doTERRA. You get the same benefits as a Wholesale Customer but with the ability to earn bonuses and compensation and you get a personal doTERRA website. Click Here to Contact me if this is something you may be interested in.

Simple Solutions Kit

This starter kit is a simple introduction to some of doTERRA’s products. If you are unsure about essential oils, this can be a great place to start your journey.

Stress Buster Kit

I have put together this starter kit to help you manage stress and anxious feelings. The Adaptiv System has been clinically studied to help manage the effects of stress and anxious feelings.  Included is the Deep Blue Rub for relaxing your muscles and Serenity with it’s calming and relaxing blend of essential oils makes this kit an excellent way to bust stress.

Healthy Essentials Kit

This kit has all of the basic oils you need to get started on your wellness journey.  Plus it comes with a diffuser.

Sleep Better Kit

I put together this Sleep kit to help you be calmer and get better sleep. We all need better sleep to keep our body and immune system strong and the Serenity blend just calms the mind. The Copaiba softgels help with anxiety (and so much more) to promote better sleep.  Wild Orange can be diffused all day as it is energizing and cleansing and really smells amazing! 

Natural Solutions Kit

Dive into a natural lifestyle with all the best from dōTERRA with a great selection of products from oils to natural toothpaste. Plus, a beautiful wooden box to organize your essential oils. I wish I had started with this kit.

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Real  Testimonials

“I have been using doTERRA essential oils and their products for the last five years. Lori Hayes introduced me to doTERRA and has been my Wellness Advocate and support with the oils for the entire time. She has become a very dear friend of mine too. I am a firm believer in the grade, quality and efficacy of their EO’s and products. As a retired ICU nurse, I am an encourager to live one’s life as holistically and naturally as possible and doTERRA allows me this opportunity to do just that daily through use of their plant based and natural products. I am currently attempting to decrease my toxic load through the use of their cleaning products and their EO’s. I use their EO’s nightly for my insomnia. I take an On Guard capsule every morning. I use the EO’s when I meditate, before yoga, exercise and anytime I need to center and balance my mind and myself. I always travel with my oils and have my favorite oils at the ready. I can’t say enough about doTERRA and their product line! It has become a daily habit and staple in my life. I absolutely love doTERRA and will never spend a day without it!” 

- Mary T.

“I have known Lori for many years now and she is always ready and willing to help with whatever I need. doTERRA oils are amazing yet also overwhelming with all the information so I call Lori for EVERYTHING! She is a wealth of knowledge on how they should be used. Lori is never too busy to get back to me and takes all the time I need so she can adequately explain all the uses for different doTERRA products. Her social media gives lots of good information on a daily basis. Lori loves what she does, and it definitely shows!”

- Paige F.

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