What is tapping and how could it help you?

Tapping is shorthand for a meditation technique known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Right there in its name is its goal: to release you from negative emotions that are holding you back and to make room for positive emotions that will help you achieve your goals. Yes tapping can improve your mindset.

You know that your mindset can directly affect your physical health, your productivity, and your emotional well-being. You know that mental stress gets acted out in your body—often with a surge of cortisol that leaves you more tired and irritated than before. Stress can cause sleep problems, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and may even cause you to gain weight.

And you know that it can be a vicious cycle that only makes you feel worse about yourself.

So if you want to escape that physical cycle, if you want to “tap into” your strengths and level up your life, why not start with the mind?

Tapping was developed by psychologists who wanted to combine their knowledge and training with traditional Chinese acupressure techniques.

EFT has been embraced by therapists, teachers, veterans, and coaches because the results it offers can help so many areas of your life, both professionally and personally—and there is literally no downside.

It’s safe. It’s free.

It’s been scientifically documented to reduce cortisol emissions by up to 43%.

And tapping works hand-in-hand with embracing that warrior mindset that will help you step into the life you want for yourself.

So, what does tapping look like?

Throughout the meditation, you will use your fingertips to tap gently 5-7 times on each of your 9 meridian points in sequence. 


Tapping Points for Mindset


As you do so, you focus on a series of intentional thoughts—which you can even say aloud.

You start by just naming what negative emotion you’re struggling with.

  • I have to tackle a new challenge, and I’m afraid of screwing it up.
  • I didn’t accomplish everything I was supposed to yesterday, and now I’m beating myself up.
  •  I had a fight with __ that is distracting me from the work I need to be doing.
  • I look at the success of other people, and I’m feeling defeated, like I’ll never achieve that.

The first part of the meditation is simply to acknowledge what the problem is.

As you tap through your meridian points, you express what you’re feeling:

  •  “I am anxious about this new project. What if I fail?”
  •  “I am feeling behind. I feel guilty for not meeting my goals.”
  •  “That fight has left me worried and angry. I am so distracted and stressed now.”
  •  “I am discouraged and tired. What if I can’t succeed?”

As you work through rounds of tapping, you will change the vocalization to an acceptance.

“This is how I’m feeling—and that’s okay.”

You repeat the acceptance until you can feel your body calming and your mind quieting.

The point of the phrases is to signal your brain to calm down. When your mind perceives a threat, your amygdala takes over: that part of your brain that tells you to fight, flight, or freeze. Your body releases a surge of cortisol.

Everything is oriented to facing what’s going wrong.

When you’re stressed, the part of your brain that has access to judgment, clear thinking, empathy, and creativity TAKES A BACKSEAT.

You are actually LESS capable of making good decisions, listening to coworkers, being productive, learning new things, or coming up with solutions. Which is exactly what you don’t want, right? If you have a new challenge in front of you, you need all those skills to tackle it. Tapping can help your mindset by helping you to clear those blocks and keep taking action.

But emotions aren’t a magic switch.

You can’t just stop being anxious because you know it’s the logical thing to do. Anxiety is your body’s way of trying to prevent disaster. It’s natural.

Tapping works because it honors your emotions as part of you. It helps you tune in to what’s actually going on in your body, so you can address it.

“I am feeling anxiety. I am afraid of failing. And that’s okay. Everyone feels this way when they are confronted with change or challenges.”

Once your mind and body actually feel calmer (this may take several minutes), you can begin introducing positive statements into your meditation while you continue tapping those meridian points. There is space now for the words to sink in.

  •  “I feel calm and confident. I have all the skills I need to excel.”
  •  “I love the person that I am. I have accomplished so many great things already, which proves I can again.”
  • “I have faith that everything will work out. I am worthy of love, and that fills me with peace.”
  •  “I am on my own path, and it is beautiful. What I do fills me with joy. I can succeed—and I will.”

Let’s Review the Process:

  1. While saying the phrases, use your fingertips to tap gently 5-7 times on each of your 9 meridian points in sequence.
  2. Start by just naming what negative emotion you’re struggling with, this is called acknowledgement.
  3. Change to acceptance of the emotion.  Repeat the acceptance until you can feel your body calming and your mind quieting.
  4. Finally, start introducing phrases that are positive statements about how you want it to be.
  5. The whole process can take just a few minutes to as long as you want.

Tapping works to rewire your brain, so you spend less time in that victim mindset.

You can’t achieve what you want—whether that’s up-leveling your network marketing business or hitting that 6-figure mark and beyond—living in a victim mindset.

In a victim mindset(link to video), your brain is literally telling you: I can’t.

You need to live in a warrior mindset, where your brain is on your side, telling you: Heck yes, I can!

This is where tapping can improve your mindset and change your world.

It signals your body that it’s time to work, washing away distractions. Harnessing all your potential brainpower and focusing it on the challenges and opportunities in front of you, clearing a path to success.

And if you’re in a leadership role, just think about how much more productive and open to new ideas your team could be if they all got in that warrior mindset.

Accept yourself. Give yourself grace.

Send yourself messages of love and empowerment.

And see how it can transform your life.

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