Hands holding a flower bloom indicating you are creating something beautiful

What you are YOU creating today? Yes … YOU.

I’ll be honest, many years ago I didn’t realize this was a thing. That I could actually create what I wanted. ME? I was ordinary. I was average. I was a follower. I didn’t know how to lead.

How could I create anything? Especially anything of value.

Do you know what I learned? I learned that we are ALL unique in some way. We all have passions, dreams, goals, gifts, abilities that someone else would benefit from. How did I learn this?

Well, I started realizing over time that people WERE following me. That my gift of consistent efforts was appreciated. I wasn’t a superstar but I knew how to connect with people and I knew how to consistently work even through difficult and trying times.

I found out later that was a gift that people wanted to learn about. They wanted to learn how to push through when the going got tough. They wanted to be with someone who shared the same simple message over and over.

Maybe I was a leader? Maybe I was someone with influence? YES! And you are as well.

Maybe you haven’t found your voice yet. Maybe you haven’t found something you can be passionate about. I am SO inspired by the people I work with who have a massive passion for helping others. For serving. For educating.

It is here that I realized I love to teach all aspects of business. I’m all about empowering people to take control of their life. I found my passions!

How do you start to figure out what your passions are?

  1. Write down things that make you happy.
    Things that make you want to speak up and share your thoughts. Things that you want to shout from the rooftops!
  2. Write down the people you want to work with.
    The people who would be your perfect partners. The people who would bring joy into your life. What qualities do they have? What about their character do you love? Write it all down.
  3. Then, write down your job.
    What you would make? What your average day would look like? Where you might travel or where you might live? If you can DREAM it you can CREATE it
    Focus on these at least once a day…preferably twice a day and more if possible. Once you get everything written out, put it all in the current tense. So, if you wrote down that you’d like to work with someone who was joyful, smart, giving, a team player, and motivated then put it in the current tense.
    I work with people who are joyful, smart, giving, team players, and super motivated!
    YOU can create the life of your dreams. You have to be super clear, super intentional, and super consistent. FEEL it. Visualize it. Get excited about it! Watch what starts to happen. Watch what comes to you.

I’d love to hear your stories! Please share with me! I’m inspired daily by the stories of people who are willing to get out of their own way to create the life they want!

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